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Read-Y Set Act

The activity revolves around reading a book and acting it out to the best of our abilities. It is a very fun activity and the kids gets to explore the character in the story - anything from exploring the emotions of the character to how they would say something. At times we would sing the words in the book.

We also take turns doing the reading, even though we interpret things differently, but it's interesting and fun to see how each other does the reading. It's fun to be very dramatic and at times exaggerate. 

My sister finds it very fun and she looks forward to reading a book every night. I have seen a lot of improvement with her reading and she does not avoid reading as much as before. At the end of the reading, we would discuss what we got from the book. She shares her ideas and I share my ideas with her.

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Family Time Machine Sep 30, 2014

That is a great way to help make reading more fun! What was the best book or story that you have enjoyed enacting with your family?