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Acting Out the Story

We read the book while acting out the scenes to make reading way more fun and interesting. We also take turns reading the book.


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Family Time Machine Sep 30, 2014

It helps the stories come alive! Who in your family had the best character to act out? Thanks for sharing, Gonzalez family!

Husky Oct 22, 2014

Yesterday I read a book to my nephew titled "The Dragon who couldn't breathe Fire". The story was about a Lil Dragon who has trouble blowing fire. One day he ran into a witch who was trying to help him. The spell didn't work quite right. In the end the Lil Dragon finds out being different can be fun.

Family Time Machine Oct 22, 2014

That sounds like a great story - we'll have to check it out! Did you act out any of the scenes together with your nephew? Who got to play Lil Dragon?

lucia llamas Nov 4, 2014

I always feel good reading a book to my kids. Acting it out with the entire family is pretty awesome.

Irma Blasquez Nov 4, 2014

Last night before putting my kids to sleep, I read a book called "Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?"

Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

We think acting out great stories is a fantastic way to spend family time, too, Lucia! Thank you for sharing with us.

Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

Sounds like a great book, Irma! Are there other books by this author your family enjoys?

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

On Sunday's we used to read stories out of the bible and I would have the kids act out the story as it was told. I miss these days. I'll make sure I take photos and get started on this again tomorrow on Sunday. Just like old times.