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Toothbrush Jam!

Brushing your teeth is the perfect time to jam to your favorite tune. If you look at your song library on your phone or mp3 player, you can see how long your favorite songs are. Pick one that’s 2-3 minutes long (perfect brushing time) and play it while you brush. It’s ok to dance or hum along. Was it longer than you usually brush? What tune did you choose? 

This is a fun way to see how long a couple of minutes really last.  A strong understanding of time is important when you do things like brush your teeth that should take about the same amount of time each day.

The Toothbrush Jam activity doesn't have to be a one-hit-wonder. Try picking a different song for each day of the week. Or, let each family member pick a new song each day! Pick a word from the lyrics of the day's song and try to use it that day!

Quiz your family members about why brushing your teeth is so important. After everyone answers, go to Wonder of the Day® #266 to find out  What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?


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Silvia Nov 18, 2014

This is good for my daughter.

Family Time Machine Nov 18, 2014

That's fantastic, Silvia! Does your daughter dance or hum along to the music? We'd love to know if Toothbrush Jam is a part of your family's everyday routine!