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Cooking & Talking (Me & AJ)

I love to eat dinner with him even when he tries to help out with the cooking and have time tell me about his day. 


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Family Time Machine Sep 30, 2014

Making meals and talking is a great way to spend time together. Thanks, Moore family! What meal do you enjoy making together the most?

SHIRLEY MOORE Oct 13, 2014

We love to make fried chicken with mac and cheese, green beans, bread, and then he loves applesauce.

Family Time Machine Oct 16, 2014

Sounds delicious! What part does AJ like helping with? Do you like to plan new recipes to try together?

Juana Acosta Nov 4, 2014

Cooking together has always been a part of my family; we share conversations while we cook.

Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

Having family conversations while cooking is a great way to learn together! What are your family's most popular conversation topics?