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Rise and Shine!

I have a wake up song for the children called "wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed, rise and shine". There are three children; Alexis, Alaya, and Aquan. Alexis gets up at 6:00, Alaya gets up at 6:15, and Aquan gets up at 6:30, and at that time everybody is up getting ready for school. The kids get to turn the tv on and watch until 7:00, then put jackets on, and 7:15 is the time for lets get ready to rumble, then out the door we go. That is our morning activity.


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Family Time Machine Apr 4, 2014

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a song? We love how you start the day on a positive note with the whole family! Sing on!!!


our song is wake up AJ IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL