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Watch Me Say It

My son Davion is 2 years old. He will be turning 3 on June 5th. He is a very outstanding young boy to me because already he uses complete sentences, and he asks specifically for whatever his loving heart desires. All this started because since he's been born, I would talk to him with great pronunciation up until he started saying words such as da-da and ma-ma!!!! I would also have him make eye contact with me, then also tell him to look at my mouth to actually see the way that I was pronouncing my words. Based on doing that regularly with him has allowed his own developmental language to not only be up to date with his age, but also above his age!!!

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Family Time Machine Mar 26, 2014

We're thrilled to hear about your adventures in teaching Davion how to say his words. It's not an easy task, and your method of having him look at your mouth while you speak is brilliant! We'd love to add your photo to this activity, please let us know when you have one. Thanks so much for sharing your activity with all of us, Abraham Family!