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Wake Up to the Music

Let's start by saying "Wake Up to the Music" is great way for children to start their day after a long night of sleep. I have 2 kids, Chloe is my 4 year old daughter who hates waking up in the morning. Instead of calling her name, telling her to wake up, it's time to get ready for school, I put her favorite song on the TV. She pops up out of her sleep, ready to go to the bathroom, wash her face, and brush her teeth. The music really motivates her to get up in the morning! I also use this for my son, and I hear less crying. I learned by putting something they like on TV, radio, or singing their favorite song helps start their day!


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Family Time Machine Mar 26, 2014

We love this activity, Hansford Family! We play a variety of music in the Family Time Machine each morning to help us get our day going, too. We'd love to add your photo of your awesome activity. When you have one ready, please let us know. Thanks so much for sharing your family fun with us!

Found this very helpful