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Learning While Singing

I enjoy reading to my children everyday. My children love for me to bring them new books. Learning new words is something that excites my children. Also I love to sing karaoke to the children. I spend a lot of time learning the lyrics to all my favorite songs. The children and I read the words to the songs as we sing. Some of the words to some songs are big words but that does not stop the children. They go to school and learn about songs that they would like to learn the lyrics to. So after we learned all the words to the songs, we all grab a microphone and start to sing.


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Family Time Machine Mar 22, 2014

We love how the Rodgers family learns by singing together! Thanks for sharing your adventures in karaoke! It's the perfect way to learn new vocabulary.

Hannah Rodgers Apr 1, 2014

Learning new words with my children is exciting!!

Stephanie Wycihowski Sep 8, 2014

There are many picture or illustrated style song books to share and sing together with your children: farmer in the dell, ants go marching in, if you're happy and you know it, wheels on the bus or even Old McDonald had a farm! Check with your local public library/children's librarian for more recommendations!

Family Time Machine Sep 12, 2014

That's a great idea, Stephanie! Does your family have a favorite from the list to sing or perform? What's the funniest one you guys have ever done?

Stephanie Wycihowski Sep 12, 2014

The seals on the bus (animals version of wheels on the bus) by Lenny Hort is one of my favorites to use! Or the croaky pokey by Ethan Long is also very fun!

Family Time Machine Sep 19, 2014

Both of those sound like they would be fun - we'd love to see a family video if you want to share!

MartinezQuiroz Nov 1, 2014

My son learns so much.

Family Time Machine Nov 6, 2014

Thank you for sharing! What types of songs help your family learn best?