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TV Time Machine

TV shows are sometimes very similar to real life in the way the characters dress and behave. Try using the TV as a family time machine! As a family, watch a show that the children think really shows what their life is like in today’s world. Then go back in time with a TV show that parents think is close to their experience growing up. Discuss how the situations in life and the shows have changed over the years. How are the experiences similar? How are they different?

Talking about TV shows in this way can help family members understand the experiences of others and build a stronger family bond. This also is a great way to practice comparing and contrasting information with details to support what you say.

How are your childhood or teenage experiences different from Grandma and Grandpa’s?  Why not ask them to share a movie or TV show from their younger days to see even more change in your family? Do you wonder what life was like for your Great- Great- Great-Grandparents as children?  Or what it will be like for your Great- Great- Great-Grandchildren?  Visit “What Time Would You Travel To?” to see how life compares.


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Dirden Jan 29, 2015

This is a really great idea!!! I will try this with my family this weekend!! Thanks.

Family Time Machine Feb 2, 2015

We're so glad you like this activity! What did your family watch and discuss?