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TV Rules

Try this different way to watch TV as a family. Choose who gets to be the rule maker first. This person has control of the TV and makes the first rule, which is a common word or action everyone is watching or listening for in the show that the rule maker chooses. For example, the rule maker chooses that everyone will listen for the word answer in a competition show. The first person to follow this rule successfully by hearing the word and telling everyone else becomes the rule maker. The new rule maker changes the TV to a channel he or she wants to watch and makes a new rule.

This is a great way to practice taking turns effectively. It also encourages flexible thinking skills because everyone has to remember a new rule when the rule maker changes.

If you enjoy having rules for changing from channel to channel, try changing the game to let the rule maker decide what everyone does together during a commercial break of a TV show you all enjoy.  Commercial break rules might be folding towels or doing push-ups.  Families that really like following rules together might even wonder “How Do You Become a Referee?” to explore what it would be like to make sure people are always following the rules.


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Yates Family May 17, 2014

I like this ideas, they are great.

Family Time Machine May 20, 2014

Thanks Yates Family! We'd love to hear if TV Rules was a hit with your family!

SHIRLEY MOORE Sep 17, 2014

Going to do this one with my grandson today. I really think he will love it.

Family Time Machine Sep 19, 2014

What was the best rule you came up with, Moore Family? Or better yet, what was the funniest? :)