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Mystery Dinner Companions

For this activity, everyone prepares in advance. Each family member secretly chooses a famous person in history and researches information about the person’s life before dinner. During dinner, everyone pretends to be the person he or she chose. Take turns asking each other questions to learn more about the other “famous people” at the table. Try to guess who each person is pretending to be. 

This game does more than just help everyone learn more about famous people and history. It also helps to develop creativity and working memory skills when you have to think how your famous person would answer questions while you try to guess your dinner companions’ identities.

If you really want a challenge, invite another family to dinner and ask everyone to pretend to be a different famous person.  Adding costumes can make your dinner even more interesting and help you remember to be your character.

You might consider “Who was Jim Henson?” or “Who Was the Most Famous Female Aviator?” for ideas.


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SHIRLEY MOORE Oct 13, 2014

This was fun. He even does this with his friends now.

Family Time Machine Oct 16, 2014

What was your favorite character to guess? Was there one that was really hard to figure out? Glad it was fun!

Mireles Sep 3, 2015

I absolutely love this idea. Will put it into practice and hopefully enjoy it. I will share it with those that I know and may even apply to the Youth Group that I lead.

Thanks for sharing!