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Toy Corral Fun!

Putting away your toys can be as much fun as playing with them, if you make a game of it. Set the timer on your phone for two minutes for each of the following categories and have a contest with your family to see who can put away the most toys that are: your favorite color, made of plastic, and smaller or larger than your pet. Take a picture before and after the toy corral to see how much you accomplished in these six minutes.

Having all of your toys cleaned up for bed time isn’t even the biggest goal for this game…practice adding items to different categories is important for a strong vocabulary and helps us to make more interesting descriptions.

Use these new vocabulary words and interesting descriptions to help you tell bedtime stories! What if your soft purple stuffed animal and green plastic Army figurines came alive at night? What do you suppose they do and talk about? Wonderopolis' What Bedtime Story Would You Tell?  shares the history of storytelling (real or imagined!).


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Amparo Nov 4, 2014

I couldn't upload my pictures. Anyhow, between my daughter and I, we set the timer for 2 minutes and off we went. Not only did we put away our beautiful toys, we also had fun doing it together as a team. Also, my daughter hasn't seen any of these toys in a while. lol

Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

Thank you for sharing your family's experience with this activity, Amparo! We'll upload your pictures--just send them to!