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Museum Pajama Party

Wouldn’t it be great to wear your pajamas on a family trip to a museum? Most museums will not really let you visit their collections if you are wearing pajamas in person, but you can check out the Mona Lisa  from the Louvre museum’s virtual tour or explore the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum when you are already dressed for bed time! Many other museums also offer online tours. Choose a museum or piece of art that your family wants to see, put on your pajamas, and take a bed time tour. Talk about why you want to explore that museum, why its collection is important, what you learned from the tour, and how you feel about the museum experience.

Museums give us an opportunity to see many famous and important pieces of art, history, and culture, and in many instances, travel back in time. When we discuss the museum collections in detail, we practice understanding what we see and hear and using specific details to support our opinions.

Why not try making your own family museum that includes items that are important to your family? Include family photos, special foods you love to share, and even maps of the places your family has traveled. Share a picture of your family museum with #FamilyTimeMachine. Wondering “What Can You Find in a Museum?” Visit Wonderopolis to see more about what you might see in a museum and who works there, too.


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