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Let's Plan on It!

The next time your family needs to do a few errands, why not change roles a little? Discuss the places you need to go and the jobs you need to do there before you leave home. Remember to think about any appointment times that you need to keep. Work together to create a schedule for what order to do each task and the kids get to be the time keepers to get everyone from place to place efficiently.

As children grow, they become more ready to create good strategies. Giving them responsibility related to something that the family already does will help to build stronger organizing skills because they are working with familiar activities.


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SHIRLEY MOORE Oct 13, 2014

I made a board for him. This way he knows what he needs to do before any of his friends come over to the house.

Family Time Machine Oct 16, 2014

That's great, Shirley! Do you talk together about what's on the board and how to tackle it?