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Let's Be Tourists!

Isn’t it fun to visit a new city or town and see all the interesting buildings and other tourist attractions? Why not try being tourists in your own community? Look for locations that are marked with historical landmark signs and learn why they are important. Did someone famous live there? Was an important document signed there? Be sure to take pictures as you explore the history of your town and share them online with #FamilyTimeMachine.

While you explore, your family will learn fun and important historical facts, and practice reading together for information.

While you explore your community, look for a place that does not have a historical marker or sign that you think should!  Use your phone or computer to find more information about the place’s history and importance. If you made your OWN historical sign or site about it, what would you like to say? If you feel creative, design the art for the place together as a family and take a picture of it to share with #FamilyTimeMachine!

Explore other cities and towns your family might visit someday by going online or checking out a book from your library. Make a list of places together and include the reasons why everyone would like to visit their chosen place. Is it big or small? What is the weather like? What celebrations or landmarks would you like to see there? Does it have interesting traditions or nicknames? Here’s one place to start: Where is the Big Easy?


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