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Around the World in 80 Dinners

Kick start your family’s next dinner discussion by talking about the different ways people eat in other countries and cultures. How do people eat without forks? What kinds of foods do they eat in Brazil? What does falafel taste like? Choose a different country once a week or once a month.  Learn how and what the people eat there, and then create a dinner experience from that country.  Who knows—you might like sitting on the floor to eat or trying ceviche!

Reading about other countries’ food is a great way to learn about their cultures.  Actually sharing a tasty example of their mealtime helps you to experience what you learn and open windows to other parts of the world for your family.

Look for ethnic restaurants and grocery stores in your community. Go explore and try the food you find there. Be sure to ask for recommendations of what to try from the people you meet from these different cultures! Or go on a virtual hunt for the foods of a specific country, starting with What Foods Do People Eat in China? on Wonderopolis®.

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Luke Nov 24, 2014

Does anyone have any recpies for me to try?