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Bath Time Bubble Barge!

Bring some small waterproof toys to bath time and make a pretend car wash together! What would your family name their car wash if they had one? How many different types of vehicles can you list that might come to your car wash? What jobs would each person have at your family car wash? 

When you use your imaginations to create a plan for your car wash, you will practice problem solving and explaining your decisions with reasons.

You can take this activity out of the bath, too. Wash a real car at your home or at a car wash and talk about the details of getting a car clean. Does your family like washing a car by hand where you can check each and every spot, or is it more exciting to go to an automated car wash where machines do the work for you?

If you want to explore more about starting your own business, check out “Are You an Entrepreneur?” on Wonderopolis. Who knows—maybe your family will start a business together and be your own bosses!



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Adriana Nov 4, 2014

At Adriana's Carwash, we would have every car you can think of. My husband will be my right hand man, but I will make the decisions. All my family members will have a key role in my Carwash.

Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

Sounds like a great plan for your family's car wash! What would your car wash's sign look like?