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We move around a lot getting ready in the morning. One morning see if your whole family can count the number of steps they take as they get ready for the day. (Five steps from the bed to the dresser, 12 steps from the bathroom to the kitchen, etc.) Who takes the most steps? Who takes the least?

This is a great way to practice counting and making comparisons between the same actions that different people do.

Try keeping track of your family's morning steps for a whole week. Do the results change day after day or stay the same? What about during the weekend? Now think about how many steps your family takes over the course of an entire day. Use a pedometer to see how many steps each family member takes in 24 hours. The higher your total, the better! Experts say we should take at least 10,000 steps each day. How does your family measure up? What are some ways your family can increase your total?

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