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Fun Food Architecture!

Sometimes it’s fun to play with your food. Can you make the shape of a house out of your snack? People live in all kinds of houses; can you name some of them? Stack up your celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter to make a log cabin, or make the shape of a house out of pretzels. Lean french fries together into the shape of a teepee, or arrange quesadilla pieces to make a pyramid. Try making different kinds of buildings. Which family member can build the tallest building? Who can build the strongest? The prettiest? Take pictures of your family's best creations and share them on Instagram with the #FamilyTimeMachine! 

While you have fun building with food, you also are building the skill to use your hands for small details and solving problems to make a stronger, sturdier structure.

As you build, talk about the design of your food creations. What makes them stand or fall? Do the same lessons apply to how real buildings are made? Would you like to be an architect and design the way buildings look?

Wondering about more possibilities for your food, beyond your edible buildings? Get a little inspiration from Can Food Be Art? at Wonderopolis®.


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