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Math Hands!

Help your child practice some simple addition and subtraction problems with his or her fingers while telling a fun story. Start an idea like, "Three bears went into a cave" and have your child hold up three fingers. Continue the story together. ("Two more bears came to visit the first bears for lunch in the cave. They ate tacos and beans. How many bears ate lunch together? How many foods did they eat?") Solve the problems together, and let their fingers show the way! 

What a great way to practice basic math skills! Telling stories with the math also helps to connect words to the numbers, which will build problem-solving skills.

Take turns telling stories and coming up with different math problems. Do one round where the story involves addition, and then do a round using subtraction. Help your child understand the difference between more and less. Discuss how these words connect to addition and subtraction.

After adding math to stories, flip this activity to learn how letters help us count. Visit Wonder of the Day® #853, Can You Count with Letters? to find out more.


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