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Patterns, Textures & Colors - Oh My!

Picking out your clothes for work and school can be fun for the whole family. Think about how many different colors, patterns and textures (like corduroy) there are in each family member's outfit that day. The family member that has the most interesting variety wins for the day! Take a picture of your favorite pattern and share it with #FamilyTimeMachine! 

Noticing these details and comparing them is a great way to practice describing items in a lot of different ways and with different kinds of categories.  It’s also important for children to have some freedom to explore different combinations when they choose their own clothes.

Ask each other more questions that inspire fun conversations and critical thinking. What are your favorite kinds of clothes to wear? Does your choice of clothes depend on what you'll be doing after you get dressed? Would you wear a bathing suit to a fancy restaurant? Or a pretty dress to play volleyball? Why is it important to choose the right clothes for different activities?

The materials your clothes are made of can do more than just feel good. How Strong Is Silk? proves this point, and weaves an interesting web of spiders and science.


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abraham Mar 20, 2014

It is true that your clothes have to fit to your day because you always think about what your day will be like and what you have to do throughout that day in order to figure out what you are wearing.

Family Time Machine Mar 21, 2014

You're so right, Abraham. Our plans for the day definitely affect what we choose to wear. If we go back in time to check out that cool new feathered dinosaur we heard about this week, we'll put on our running shoes.


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