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Flashlight Stories!

Pretend you’re camping and there’s no electricity for a reading light. Choose your favorite bedtime story book, grab a flashlight or use a flashlight app on your phone, and read together. Take turns reading to see how different it is to read in the dark. To make it even darker, read under a blanket so it feels like you’re in a tent! Talk about what it would be like to go back in time and read without electricity.

Reading together is important for all families as children are learning to read and reading to learn. Imagining life in a different time also helps you to use your experience to explain your ideas of what life would be like with an important change.

You can build on this activity and keep the camping theme going. Get a sleeping bag and make your own inside campsite. Write a letter, keep a journal, or draw a picture about what your household campsite is like. What challenges do you have? What's fun about camping?

Test out different types of storytelling in your flashlight camp. You might want to start with Wonder of the Day® #284: What’s Your Favorite Ghost Story?

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McAdoo Dec 17, 2015

My Babies Love this...We enjoy this, Anything that allows them to use their imagination!!!