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Tree Hunt!

Look at the trees on your drive or ride today. Do they have leaves or needles on them? What color are the leaves? Is the bark smooth or rough? Are there any fruit or nut trees? If so, are the fruits ripe, or not in bloom? Do you see any trees taller than your home? Are there any that are smaller than your car? What is the largest and the smallest tree you see? How many different kinds of trees do you see? Are there certain trees that are specific to your area? 

Exploring nature builds observation skills and can help to create a love for the environment!  This activity also helps you compare and contrast the trees that you see and think about how they look in different times of the year.

Repeat this activity at different times of the year to see how the trees change over time and in different seasons. Take a photo of your favorite trees. Write a story or poem about why you like them.

If larger trees captured your attention during your family's Tree Hunt, you might want to check out Wonder of the Day® #538: Can You Drive Through a Tree?


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