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Stoplight Story Time!

The next time you are waiting at a stoplight, take turns telling the MOST descriptive story you can before the light changes to green. How many new words, especially adjectives, can you include? Depending on where you are in your trip, some stories might be longer than others. Which family member can tell the story with the most details? Who can tell the funniest? The most exciting? Share your family's favorite stories with us in a comment below!

When you have a time limit for telling a story, you practice including only the most important details. Including lots of adjectives and details in your descriptions is an important way to make your stories more interesting. 

Try adding new parts to an old story that everyone knows on your next ride. Find inspiration for this activity at What Fairy Tale Ending Would You Change?

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Candlers Apr 11, 2015

My Kids always like to talk about My Mother their GrandMother....they have very fund memories of Her.