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Wake Up, Word Up!

Work together to choose a letter of the day. Everyone looks for objects that begin with that letter during the day. What might you see that begins with your letter of the day? Later in the day when everyone is together over dinner, talk about all the things your family saw that began with the letter of the day. Take photos of the objects that you can and share them. Put them all together and share with the #FamilyTimeMachine!

Looking for words that begin with the same letter or sound helps make our vocabulary bigger and stronger. Recognizing these sounds is important for good spelling skills, too! 

Put a twist on the game by spelling a family word. Choose a word that has as many letters as there are members of your family. Take a picture of your family's favorite object for each person's letter. Then, put your pictures together to spell your family's word. For example, a family of four might pick the word "blue," and have pictures of a bicycle, a lamp, an umbrella and an egg.

Words are all around us, and fun word games are, too. Check out Do You Like To Play with Words? for plenty of word game inspiration.


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