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Dinner Geometry!

Shapes are everywhere, even on your dinner plate. Look at your dinner table and name all the shapes you see. Can you find a rectangle, circle, square, triangle, and sphere? Can you cut your food into other shapes? Don’t forget to look at your napkin, the shape of the table, and the plates, glasses, and silverware. Which shape did you see in most items? Take a photo to show which shape was on your table more than any of the others. 

Recognizing shapes in the world around us makes it easier to see how to create things out of shapes. This can make us better at solving problems and describing what we see in the world around us.

Use the shapes to create a picture with your food. Make a face with your pancakes, a boat out of your banana, or a butterfly out of your pretzels. Have fun creating different kinds of pictures on your plate!

The original shapes of foods can be interesting to explore, too. Check out How Did the Pretzel Get Its Shape? on Wonderopolis® to learn more about the twists and turns of the tasty pretzel!


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