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Goodnight, Sky!

Did you know that the moon looks different every night? Before you go to bed tonight, step outside and look for the moon. Is it covered with clouds or can you see it? Describe the color and shape of the moon tonight. Guess how it’s going to look tomorrow night and then check tomorrow to see if you were right. Draw a picture or take a photo of the moon. 

Noticing how the world changes around us helps us to understand nature better, and describing what we see helps to build important reporting skills.

Do this for several nights and then compare the drawings or photos to see how the moon changes over a short time. Or try it once a week for a month and talk about the cycles of the moon. Why does it look big sometimes, but small at other times?

Still wondering about the moon during the day? Find out if your family can continue moon gazing when the sun comes up by visiting Can You Only See the Moon at Night?


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