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Take the whole family outside for an outdoor exploration! Each family member thinks of a plant or animal that is outside, and the others ask "yes or no" questions about the plant or animal to try and figure out what it is. ("Does it fly? It is taller than the tallest family member?") The person that can guess the right answer wins that round! Keep playing until everyone has a chance to think up an idea! 

No matter if you are guessing or answering, you practice important questioning skills. This game also is a terrific way to pay close attention to the objects in the world around you!

You can also play charades to have people guess the plant or animal. Instead of answering "yes or no" questions, each person acts out their selected plant or animal. Spread your arms to fly like the bird, sway in the breeze like a tree, bend down and be still like a shrub—have fun acting out and guessing the different things you find outdoors!

Have you ever wondered about the daily life of plants, animals or insects? Challenge your thinking by visiting Wonder of the Day® #3, Can Plants Eat Insects?

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The Mejia Family Jan 11, 2016

I like this activity I will try it with my son