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Weather Check

Before everyone gets dressed for the day, check the weather. Is it sunny or cloudy outside? Is it raining or snowing, or is the wind blowing? You can look on your weather app on the phone or turn on the television news to get the forecast for the day. Talk about what you might need to wear for today's weather. Do you need a coat, gloves, umbrella, rain boots, or a hat? Take a photo of the extra clothing items you need to go out today, and share it with #FamilyTimeMachine!

 When you make choices about what to wear based on what you see in the weather forecast, you’re actually practicing cause and effect relationships.  Watching the changes in the weather over time helps to see how weather changes from season to season.

Think about people in other parts of the country. Do they have the same kind of weather as you? Take a look at a national weather map and see where the weather is similar to yours and where it is different. In some places the weather stays the same most of the time, but in other places the weather changes during the year. What's your favorite kind of weather? Do you like it when it's cold and snowy or when it's hot and sunny? If you could choose to live where the weather was the way you like it, where would you choose?

There are lots of things to wonder about the weather, and how climates vary in different states. Visit Wonderopolis® to find out more about Why Do Different States Have Different Weather?


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