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Start a story together as a family. Everyone joins in to create stories with lots of twists and turns. One person starts the story and tells one to three lines. Then the next person takes over and adds the next one to three lines. Keep this going until someone finishes the story. You might tell several stories in one night, or your story might go on and on for several nights. 

While you have fun making your stories as entertaining as possible, you also are building important listening skills and learning to add details that make sense in the bigger story.

Appoint a family member to be the secretary each night you create stories together. The secretary will write the stories as they're told. You can add illustrations and talk about how your stories change as you go along. Are they funny or happy or sad or scary—or all of those things? Which kinds of stories are your favorite?

Talk with your family about stories that have been passed down from older family members. What were those stories like? Go back in time with storytelling at What Bedtime Story Would You Tell? 


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Stephanie Wycihowski Sep 8, 2014

It was a darky and stormy friday night. Our family was camping out in the woods...when?

Family Time Machine Sep 12, 2014

Great start, Wycihowski Family! Can you guys help us finish a whole story?

"...we heard something rustling outside our tent. Suddenly, a voice said...?"

Judith Nov 18, 2014

I always let my kids to choose the book they want me to read but also the know the time limit like 20 minutes before bedtime.

Family Time Machine Nov 18, 2014

Thanks for sharing the great tips on reading together at bedtime, Judith! Do your children talk about what you're reading, or say what they think will happen next? Conversations about books can be great learning tools!