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Bath Tissue Binoculars!

Toilet paper is something we all have at home and we usually recycle or throw the empty rolls away! Save two empty rolls and make your own set of binoculars. Use glue or tape to connect the two rolls together. Use paper, crayons, or stickers to add to your design. Each family member can make his or her own pair! Take your sets of binoculars outside, and explore together. Describe what you are seeing without saying what it is and see if your family members can guess the object! 

This is a great way to learn about making something new out of something we would usually throw away or put in the recycling bin, and you’ll use your binoculars to find new details for your descriptions.

Try other activities to enjoy your homemade binoculars. Pretend your binoculars are magical and allow you to hear what plants and animals are thinking. Take turns choosing different things to look at with your magic binoculars and share what you think they are saying or feeling. 

Turn your binoculars to the sky to follow birds in flight. What do your magic binoculars tell you about how the birds are feeling today? Explore this question a step further by checking out Do Birds Really Get Angry? 

What other powers do your magic binoculars have? Do they give you x-ray vision? Maybe they work as night vision goggles and allow you to see things in the dark. Maybe they’re trick binoculars that only show the opposite of what’s in their view. Have fun thinking of different ways your binoculars are special.


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SHIRLEY MOORE Oct 13, 2014

We loved when we did this in class. We went home and made some with my grandson and his friends and they loved it.

Family Time Machine Oct 16, 2014

Did they go 'exploring' with their new binoculars?