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Reading Time

I like reading with my three children and they enjoy the time too. I always let them to choose the book they want to read, and every day I try to do it. I take turns reading each Child's book and they learn to be patient and wait for their turn. When I read with my older son we take turns reading one paragraph each. We enjoy the time and our vocabulary increases.


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chen maggie Dec 14, 2015

very good ,good mama

Rodriguez Family Dec 14, 2015

I loved your story, but more your children

I love the idea,, keep going...

The Zavaleta Family Dec 14, 2015

It's great and we love the story

The Mejia Family Dec 14, 2015

Great idea I like the way you read for your kids

read is a good activity for the kids they learn more vocabulary and fluids .

I do too every nigh. Good job Carolina.

carolina Dec 14, 2015

thanks to all ..

Aguilar Dec 14, 2015

This is a very good activity to do with our children to learn new vocabulary and increase their love to read . They really enjoy the time that we as moms spend with them specially sit down without hurries.I LOVE TO DO THIS ACTIVITY WITH MY KIDOS :)

Hamdan Family Dec 14, 2015

I enjoyed win I read your activates and is good to read for the kids before bad time good job

carolina Jan 11, 2016

thank you I enjoy the reading time and I still doing .