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Musical Kitchen

The kitchen is filled with musical possibilities. Take a little break after doing the dishes or while dinner is cooking to make some music. Drum wooden spoons on the bottom of a pot. Tap lightly with a spoon on water-filled glasses. Shake a plastic container filled with dry rice or beans. What happens when you add more water to the glasses? Does the rice sound the same as the beans in a container? 

While you’re making music in the kitchen, you also will be experimenting with different materials to compare the sounds they make.  Describing these differences helps you practice explaining the differences you notice.

What other instruments can you make out of everyday items? Can you think of other musical sounds in the kitchen? Make a 5-10 second video of your family band and share it with #FamilyTimeMachine!

Does some of your family’s kitchen music sound more like a funny or exciting noise? How Are Sound Effects Made is one Wonder of the Day® that can help your family explore this more.


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