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Bring children to swimming

Hi, my name is Maggie Chen. I'm a student at Plano Family Literacy. I posted an activity to Family Time Machine that I would like you to try. My activity is called 'Bring Children to Swimming.' It is  exciting sport for kids. I did this activity with my children. We liked it because it's healthy and fun. I hope you like it.


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chen maggie Dec 14, 2015

happy summer

The Mejia Family Dec 14, 2015

Sure it is. Excercise is important for everybody, but when you like it you enjoy doing it as much as you can.

Hamdan Family Dec 14, 2015

this activity is good and rely healthy for the kids good joub

Aguilar Dec 14, 2015

Hi maggie this is Norma Aguilar. I will to try to do this with my children, My daughter will love to do this activity because she loves to be under the water. Next summer will be funniest than this last. Thank you for sharing.