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At my daughter's school they have a fashion show and multicultural night. We wore costumes of where I come from (I am from El Salvador and I have two girls.) They felt very proud to wear a traditional dress from my country. Everybody at the school, even the principal, participated in the fashion show.

They learned that the USA has many different cultures, but the most important thing and the hardest is "DON'T FORGET WHERE WE COME FROM".


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The Mejia Family Nov 30, 2015

That is awesome you can cuntinue talking with them about your culture and your native country traditions. I like thr idea.

Thanks for you comment The Mejia Family

Aguilar Nov 30, 2015

This is a great idea to do with, Never forget our culture, it's very important to keep doing and share our traditions with other people, even more with our children.

Mccrary crew Dec 5, 2015

I love that idea!

I appreciate your comments....

chen maggie Dec 14, 2015

I like our kids know our cultures

multicultural night is a great idea for learning our kids our culture .Thanks for share