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Eat Lunch with Children in School

My children's school has activities . Parents go to school and eat lunch with their kids. Kids are glad their parents eat lunch with them ,my kids are happy too. They feel very excited. It gives busy parents one day to eat lunch with their kids. I always eat lunch with my kids on Thursday. My children look forward to lunch with me every Thursday.


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The Mejia Family Nov 30, 2015

That Is great Maggie the best thing you can do for your children I'm goint to try too.

Sure it is ,,

Also you are giving more confident to her ..

Keep going.

carolina Nov 30, 2015

I used to do it every Thursday my son love it and also I have the time to talk with his teacher too

chen maggie Dec 7, 2015
chen maggie Dec 7, 2015
sanchez family Dec 14, 2015

good job and very good pictures!