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Dramatized stories!

We make reading fun! It is a time we spend together as a family. My husband and I took turns when reading the stories and while one is reading the other acted out the reading. It is fun and my kids love it!!! They are waiting to see what will come next. We try to always do it at the same time and so they are expecting it in their daily routine.

With this activity we learn through gestures and interpreting the meaning of words and our vocabulary grows every day !!!


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The Mejia Family Nov 30, 2015

Good idea I have to try it. It souns interesting.

Keep goin and your kids will ask you for more...

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

I came to the library and found out about the family time machine and read a book called Oh that's good. No that's bad. Nice time with my 8 year old Faith.

carolina Dec 14, 2015

Good idea I have to try it...

Aguilar Dec 14, 2015

Will be a great idea to take my husband and read together for our children, My children love time to read.