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Math Hands!

My daughter and I practiced simple addition and subtraction problems with our fingers, while we were doing this activity, I told my daughter a fun story. We also were singing like " Five little ducks went up one day....." We have fun learning together.

We learned how to use our fingers to tell stories or to sing a song.

My daughter also learned how to count with her fingers.


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The Mejia Family Nov 30, 2015

What a nice idea to play with the little ones .

I like it,, I think you can do that with the "Five Little Monkies" too...

Thank you for share... :)

Zamora Silva Nov 30, 2015

I like your ideas because at the same time you did two activities it is so great.

Perez Family Nov 30, 2015

I like this idea. I am going to practice with my children.

Hamdan Family Nov 30, 2015

It's a good aactivity