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Squishy Fossils

Make your own "fossils" with toy dough or moldable clay the next time you are exploring outside. When you see a cool leaf or natural texture, make a copy of it by pushing it into the dough. Talk with your family about what kind of tree or bush the leaf came from. What kind of designs or patterns do you notice in nature? The best part of it is that you can squish your dough and start all over again! Making fossils with squishy dough builds muscle abilities in your hands and helps you notice many details about objects in the world around you.

Spend more time exploring with fossils by trying the following activities:

  • Have each family member make a “secret” squishy fossil and take it home with you. (You may want to put it in a container so it doesn’t get squished.) Then have each family member show his or her secret fossil while the family tries to guess where it came from. Who in your family might make a good archeologist?
  • If you want to make fossils that are more permanent than squishy fossils, make your own using common kitchen items. Just follow the instructions at this link.
  • Explore a famous place to find fossils by visiting Wonder of the Day® #748: Where are the La Brea Tar Pits? 


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