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Family Scrapbook

Every day, after attending Toyota Family Learning, I took my son to the park and we played until we tired. Owen only is 17 months old, but he has a lot of energy that makes me exhausted easily. But, at night while he sleeps I continue to make the scrapbook for him.  

I'm feel so excited about this project; I had my routine appointment with my doctor - that was on February 14, 2013 - when she gave me the good news that already I was two months pregnant. I started to dream about the things I would do for and with my baby, and one of that things was to make a scrapbook for him. 

The time passed and I always left it outstanding among other things until finally we have the opportunity to do it in the NCFL program now.

I am sure that our memories will be a beautiful gift for my son when he grows.


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Griffith Apr 11, 2015

That is very sweet

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

My daughter Jazell left me an ultrasound photo of my first granddaughter.