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I Spy a Restaurant!

Take turns playing "I spy" with restaurants you see on your drive. The first person to see the restaurant shouts out "‘I spy" and the name of the restaurant. Everyone else in the car takes turns saying the food that restaurant serves, the colors of the decorations, or a funny story from the last time they ate there. Then the first person to see the next restaurant shouts out "I spy" and the name of that restaurant, and the game repeats. 

In this game, you take turns adding information about the same place to make a family description of each restaurant with lots of good details.

Try the "I spy" game just before your family’s next ride on a busy day. Point out healthy foods in the kitchen that you might pack for each other, and check out What Can You Eat on the Go? for more ideas.

For variety, you can change the game to grocery stores, gas stations, parks, or any category of destinations you’ll see on your ride.

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Mccrary crew Jan 6, 2016

I love this