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Ingredient Inspection!

It takes many different ingredients to make dinner. Talk about all the different food items that went into your dinner tonight. Count them out as you’re preparing dinner, or talk about how the food was made and guess what all the ingredients are if you’re eating food from a restaurant. Don’t forget to add in the spices and oil used for cooking. Can you think of other dinners you could make with the same ingredients? Was there anything in your dinner that surprised you? 

As you name the ingredients you notice, you will practice explaining how you know that ingredient is in your food.  This also is a great way to learn about all the ingredients we eat when we don’t even realize it!

Talk with your family about the origin of all the ingredients in your dinner. Some might be grown at local farms, other items may be made in factories in a different state, and some ingredients might even come from other countries. Get a map and plot all the different places ingredients come from for a specific meal or dish. How far did your food have to travel to make it to your plate?

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