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Jorge's Birthday and Halloween

On November 2, we celebrated my husband's birthday. I invited him to eat breakfast in a restaurant. It was very nice. My family called to wish the best for him. And this was Jorge's second birthday celebration with our son, Owen, who was only 2 months old when we celebrated last year.

For Halloween I did not take Owen for candies outside because that day was very cold and he was a little sick, but of course he wore his super hero costume. He was the little Man of Steel, and we played with him.


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Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

We loved reading about your family's birthday and Halloween activities, Anny! How did you play with Owen when he was wearing his costume? What did you talk about?

Hamdan Family Dec 14, 2015

I love your idea to invited your family to the restaurant and celebrate your husband birthday and I like the Halloween activites