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Halloween Fun

We went to the Del Amo Mall and to Palos Verdes to go trick or treating. My nephew went dressed up as Spiderman. My girlfriend's kids went dressed up as Minnie Mouse and her son went dressed up as Spiderman too. The other adults and I didn't dress up for Halloween. The kids were so happy because they got two bags of candy each!  After trick or treating we went home and had dinner and watched the movie "Marley and Me". Once the movie was done they were so tired that they fell fast asleep.


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Family Time Machine Nov 7, 2014

Thank you for sharing your Halloween activities! What did you and your nephew talk about while trick or treating, or at dinner? Talking about experiences and traditions are great ways to learn together!

Husky Nov 12, 2014

Halloween was not that good this year. My nephew was sick and it was very cold. I bought my nephew Andre a Batman custom and he didn't even wear it. Bummer. So I went to the store to buy candies to pass it out. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Family Time Machine Nov 18, 2014

We're sorry your Halloween wasn't so great this year, but glad to hear you're excited about Thanksgiving! What are some of your family's Thanksgiving traditions?

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

Some family photos Halloween 2015

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

A photo while at work

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

Jonni at my job for Halloween had his face painted as well. Go Texans!!

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

Bubba on Halloween loves comics!

Ruth Dec 5, 2015

Jasia was a zombie Bride 2015