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Scavenger Sock Terrariums

The next time you take a walk outside with your family or play in your backyard or a park, take an old sock and put it OVER your shoe! It will collect seeds and pollen from outside. When you get home, put your sock in a sealable sandwich bag, mist it with a little bit of water and tape it to a window where it will get some sun. You can watch your very own terrarium grow in the bag! 

What a great way to observe how things grow and notice the very smallest parts of the world around you! You’ll also have fun describing why you think some things grow better than others.

Talk with your family about what kinds of plants you see or where you think your sock picked up each one. Spend more time exploring how things grow by trying these activities:

Visit Where Can Moss Grow? to get started. 

Do some experiments to see if you can determine why your scavenger sock terrarium works. Try putting a scavenger sock on EACH FOOT. After your outdoor voyage, prepare one sock terrarium as described above. Put the other sock in an unsealed bag with no water and keep it in a dark place. What happens to each terrarium? Talk with your family about why one has more activity than the other.

You can grow all kinds of different things in a plastic bag. Try this experiment about growing mold and see if you can determine what makes mold grow.


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